About Nomadic Arthouse

Nomadic Arthouse, A London based illustration company created by Emily Hinckley. Emily creates illustrations inspired by her city, London, illustrating iconic store fronts, characteristic architecture and East London trendy interiors. Prints are sold in A5, A4 and A3 sizes, Fine Art Matte. Free shipping within UK.

Emily started her Illustration business in May 2020 after being put on Furlough due to the Pandemic. Having studied Fine Art at University, graduating in 2016, then working in sales and marketing, the lockdown and furlough scheme finally allowed her to bring her creative flare back to life. For the first year, Nomadic Arthouse was born Continuous Line Studio, as Emily mainly work with paper and pencils, working with continuous lines drawing abstract nudes. 

Emilys real passion is Interior Design, Architecture, beautiful shop fronts and hidden back streets (And food). After cycling miles around London during lockdown; like everyone else, she noticed the smaller things in life, like the smell of coffee in the streets, the sound of birds singing and how unique and stunning the shop facades are down the winding streets. Emily wanted to celebrate the strength and courage the local businesses held through Lockdown and the alternative routes they would take to keep their punters happy even if they were closed. Emily would illustrate these shops in their most glorious light and then give them a print to hang in their shops, before selling them online.