Introducing... Nomadic Arthouse

Welcome to the arthouse, the virtual London Gallery showcasing all of my illustrations over the last year.

To begin this journey, I want to introduce myself, as the artist and maker of this website and everything you see on it. Emily Hinckley, East Londoner, lover of all things art, culture and coffee. 

Self portrait of artist with two illustrations of E.Pellicci and Campania and Jones

I created Nomadic Arthouse in May 2020, 2 months into lockdown and furloughed life, with a desire to get creative and bring art back into my life.  After finishing my degree in 2016, graduating with a first in Fine Art Photography, creativity became less and less a part of my day, with a need to earn enough money to be able stay in London so a "normal" job took precedent.   

Nomadic Arthouse is 1 year old, it has grown into a small (tiny) business I am so proud of, selling more prints to my wonderful loyal customers, being commissioned by lovely individuals and business owners to create a special exclusive gift and recently being involved in exciting collaborations. 

My most recent collaboration with Phlox Books, Francis Road, Leyton, I created a range of 3 postcards for the idyllic East London bookshop.
Postcards created for Phlox Book Shop

I am excited share with you new illustrations every month, new collaborations and partnerships. Follow my blog and sign up to my newsletter for exclusive promo's, gift bundles, commission prizes and more.

Lots of Love, Emily, Founder and Creator at Nomadic Arthouse